Robot Rumpus

Creators of old school digital art and new school visual effects, Robot Rumpus, has worked on countless films and TV series’ to commercials with brands like Coca-Cola and Gatorade. This company is one of the only VFX companies to be owned by a woman of color and to use the art of “matte painting”. So, it only makes sense for them to support and encourage equality and diversity within the film community. They are also supporters of Peace Over Violence, by giving a percentage of each of their earnings to the cause against sexual, domestic, and interpersonal violence.

Robot Logo-01.png

Instagram Management

With the goal to drive new leads to this growing company, and share with the film community their company values, we are very excited to share their work.

Website Design & Management

The design of their website came organically to us. Given their abundance of content, art, and personality, piecing together a website was a conversation of what went where, not how we were going to do it. We are so proud of the outcome and how much it really reflects their company.

Blogging & linkedin management

Working on different projects almost on a weekly basis makes it a simple task to figure out what to blog about next. Once a new blog is posted to the website, it automatically posts to the company Linkedin page as fun updates for their artists to read as well as potential new clients and artists interested in joining the team.