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No more worrying about what to post, how often to reach out to your audience,  and working out a strategy to grow your accounts. The only thing you have to do is send us images or videos that you’re proud of. We’ll do the rest and you can sit back and watch your accounts flourish.


We Design & Manage your website

We specialize in designing websites through Squarespace, considering we are apart of the ‘Squarespace Circle’. But, we are also proficient with Wordpress and Wix. We work closely with our clients to curate the perfect website that best serves their needs.

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We Get Your Content

Either by you sending us a pool of your material by email or web upload, or we can compile a monthly selection from images e.g. from your brand‘s website. To make content creation even easier, we also offer event photography, branding photography, and drone work.

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Copywriting & Content curation

We write engaging copy in your brand’s voice and will write for your brand each month. We do a cross analysis of your website copy and social media copy to ensure that your brand voice stays ubiquitous.

We curate your content and create a selection that we will send to you for review.


Review & Approval

We keep all your posts in one place before they see the light of day. We‘ll send the final drafts to you for review, if you’d like.


We Publish for you

We publish your content on every platform, at the statistically optimal time to reach the largest potential audience in your time zone.


Drew and Mekena met while attending Azusa Pacific University. Drew studied Business Marketing and Mekena, Cinematic Arts Production. This combination of knowledge inspired their social media marketing passion.

Mekena has previously worked with celebrity photographer, Vijat Mohindra as his social media manager and then went on to work for Live Nation in their US Concerts division as a social media marketer. She is knowledgeable in content creation including film, photography, and graphic design, as well as social media management.

Drew has previously worked with Merrill Lynch as a client event coordinator and then went on to work for Slalom, a Fortune 100 company as an email marketer. Drew is knowledgeable in Business and Marketing strategy including email marketing, client relationship management, SEO, PPC, and drone photography.

Our goal is to utilize our creativity and progressive thinking to scale growing companies. We aspire to create marketing collateral to represent your brand in a fresh, new way. We believe that every company has positive attributes and endless potential.

Let us help you stand out from your competition. 


Past Work Experience

Vijat Mohindra - Social Media Manager

Live Nation - US Concerts, Social Media Marketing Intern

Merrill Lynch - Client Relationship Manager

Slalom - Email Marketer

Sperry - Content Creator/Influencer

Daniel Wellington - Influencer

Care/Of - Content Creator/Influencer

The Bartholomew - Content Creator

Current Clients

Robot Rumpus - Social Media Manager & Website Designer

UMMA Community Clinic - Digital Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer

Community Medical Centers - Digital Marketing Manager & Graphic Designer









“It has been a pleasure working with DM MEdia. I find them to be creative, detail oriented, energetic, and social media savvy. They are always willing and open to collaborate with me on my marketing campaigns to ensure I receive exactly what I want. They think outside the box and make positive recommendations to assist in meeting my marketing goals.

I always feel DM MEdia has my best interests in mind and appreciate that they work as a team with me on all facets of my social media platforms from Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. They’ve also been instrumental in guiding me through marketing campaigns using MailChimp which have been very successful for my business.”

- Shannon Dierickx, Realtor, Bainbridge Island, WA


“Drew and Mekena helped us analyze our online presence, allowing us to drill down and really understand which social media platforms and websites attracted our patients, our partners and our donors. In addition to strategically managing our social media platforms and web content, they also gave our Development team tips for better social media engagement that we could use on our own. With their help and advisement, we were able to revamp our annual email campaign, creating an engaging 12-part email series that was more cohesive than years prior, and helped us raise over $300 K in donations. Our email campaign was then repurposed and shared as blog content, improving our SEO and ensuring that content that would have only been seen once could be seen multiple times. This strategy of helping us create content that could be creatively reused, re-shared, and reposted in other areas is just one example of how DM MEdia also helped us maximize our limited time and resources as a non-profit clinic.

 In addition to digital media, DM MEdia largely assisted with print design and photography, providing service anytime we needed them (business hours or otherwise). DM MEdia is insightful, flexible, and have been an overall pleasure to work with.”

- Janise Carmichael, Associate Director of Development at UMMA Community Clinic, Los Angeles, CA


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